Creative Engineered Solutions for Subsea Developments

Rotary Valve

Founded on Bentley’s experience in the manufacture of subsea gate valves and featuring the same established metal-to-metal sealing technology, the Bentley quarter-turn rotary valve is a revolution in small bore subsea valve technology that builds on years of field proven success.

Its unique design allows one valve to suit multiple applications: isolation, block before / after bleed, diverter and other configurations can each be contained in one compact, robust and simple valve design.

The rotary valve features 100% continuous metal-to-metal sealing and a gate-to-seat self-cleaning, wiping action that provides positive sealing and less wear even with the dirtiest of fluids.

Valve design and performance is enhanced by the unique rotary principle and its no-volume displacement design makes the valve essentially insensitive to water depth.

Block and bleed can be obtained using just one valve and achieved with a single quarter turn.

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