Land's End to John O'Groats - a windy cycle ride!

Land's End to John O'Groats - a windy cycle ride!

The finish at John O’Groats – it was windy!

The power of the human spirit and determination was demonstrated recently by LB Bentleys R&D Engineer, Rick Lees and his daughter Brionny.

Many years ago, Rick cycled from John O’Groats to Land’s End, nearly a 1,000 miles, with three close friends and in memory of one of these friends Rick decided that he was going to face the challenge once again, but in the opposite direction.

After a year of planning finally Rick and Brionny set off from Land’s End on 1st September 2017 with the bikes fully loaded with the clothes, supplies and equipment that were needed for the two week journey. The county of Cornwall was an initial challenge with all of its ups and downs, and the wind and rain delivered more challenging days throughout the journey!

With an average of 70 miles per day they arrived in John O’Groats in the wind and rain on 15th September. To Rick and Brionny’s surprise and delight a welcome party was waiting for their arrival, they cheered them in on the home stretch through the bleak public carpark. Rick’s wife and friends had joined them for their final evening in Scotland to celebrate them having completed the challenge.

Over the journey Ricks ‘Garmin’ had recorded some interesting statistics. Rick and Brionny cycled for over 81 hours in total, a challenging 986 miles at an average speed of 12.2mph despite the wind and rain. The total altitude climbed was 54,149 feet which is an average of nearly 4,000 feet per day, to put this into perspective Mt. Everest is 29,000 feet (from sea level).

Through this courageous endeavour Rick and Brionny have managed to raise an outstanding sum of over £3,000 for the British Heart Foundation. After returning to the luxury of his own bed once again Rick was back on his bike the following Monday to cycle to work with his passion for cycling very much unwavering!

Well done Rick and Brionny for your courage and determination.