Creative Engineered Solutions for Subsea Developments

Design Engineering

With extensive experience of the subsea oil industry, the LB Bentley design engineering team are in an ideal position to advise and support our customers. Using Autodesk Inventor solid modelling and ANSYS FE software it is possible to optimise our designs to suit various applications. All products are extensively developed in accordance with international industry standards and developed in accordance with ASME VIII PED (97/23EC).

We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to problems and are always keen to work with our customers to minimise costs and maximise efficiency.

Production Engineering

The production engineering team provide detailed routings, both for machined parts and assembly and test operations. They also create CNC programs and designs for fixturing.

All CNC programs are produced from solid models provided by our 3 dimensional drawing system, Inventor. These models are used to produce detailed part programs with Edgecam, our programming system.